Professional Baseball Pitching and Hitting Lessons for all ages.

We offer baseball fundamentals and
advanced techniques for all ages.  


3 up N 3 down KC

- Private Individual  
- Group Lessons
- PracticeSessions
- Fundamentals
- Mechanics
- Grips
- Drills
- Strategy
- Pitches
- Mental Game
- Pick-Off Moves
"Over 30 years of playing, coaching and instructing."
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3 up N 3 down KC
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3 up N 3 down KC instructors are geared towards the development of physical and mental skill sets involved in the great game of baseball. We are a baseball school, passionate about the game and strive to take the youth with in the game to the next level.

3 up N 3 down KC are ex collegiate and professional athletes that offer baseball fundamentals and advanced techniques. Directing advancements in Pitching, Hitting, Catching and Fielding, our goal is to make your child the very best they can be.

All 3 up N 3 down KC instructors are currently playing baseball and strive to work and develop new strategies that can be incorporated into each lesson.

Each 3 up N 3 down KC instructor is passionate about the game of baseball and strives to present the game to students in a fun, professional manner.

“Jason has been providing individual pitching instructions to my son for the past several months. My son has learned a great deal from Jason in a very short time period. I have been very impressed by his ability to not only instruct my son, but help him think through what he is not doing correctly and what he needs to change to fix. He sets the bar high and works through the sessions in such a way to maximize the time they have in the sessions. I see a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement in my son after the sessions. Jason has also provided us with a readout on what they have worked on and where my son in developing the different skills. It has given us a great opportunity to discuss what he is learning and allow him to share his excitement with us. My son is anxious for the upcoming season and using what he is learning from Jason. We are anxious for the season for him to see his improvements as a pitcher and overall as a player.” - D.B.